Blogging? Lets give it a try :)

We are surrounded with bloggers writing about travel, food, everyday situations, deep mind themes and much more,  maybe its better to say “everything”. With all this, its not weird that lot of us came to idea to start their own blog, and move things from their mind to paper- virtual, online paper.

So, after days of googling about where is the best place to start writing blog, I came to this site. Some says its good, other are saying that its not, but thats normal, everyone are different.
As a student, civil engineering student to be precise, very often I dont have enough time to write or be on Internet, but I will try to be as much active as I can. For now, articles will be about traveling, places and things to do and are must-see in Croatia, reviews about products like electronics or software, and maybe some things that are travelling thru my mind sometimes. We will see 🙂

I hope that You will enjoy reading further articles. Feel free to comment or ask anything, i will try to answer as soon as possible.


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