Little bit of winter, little bit of spring…

Winter in Rijeka? For me, worst part of year, just because of “extreme” weather situation.

Mix of rain, all day, with strong wind. Result? Bad mood, soaking wet. Thats the usual situation in Rijeka, city with more rainy days than London, some numbers says. Imagine northeast wind, with force of around 120 kilometers per hour, with rain. No umbrella, its not possible to use it with that wind. Now you can imagine what it is. But, hopefuly, that period of year is behind us, with warm and calm weather coming very very fast. Last 3 days were something that is clearly the sign of spring, coming here very very fast. Warm, sunny. Beautiful for outdoor activity.
Forecast says that the weather will remain as it is now, which would be really nice, for outdoor activity but also for mood.


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