Vivaldi- web browser with great potential

For a long time, around 6 years, I’ve had a love&hate relationship with Opera. I love how it looks like, especially Tabs, better than any other browser I’ve used but I hated when it becomes slow and sluggish after months of using it, It just had big performance drop. I like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser but there’s still something missing for me there that I can’t quite put my finger on.

However, for the past couple of days I’ve been playing around with the new Vivaldi browser and it looks like I may have finally found the browser that combines all the good stuff from Opera, Chrome and Firefox, removes bad sides from them, so the final product is something that is worth of trying.


Vivaldi, based on Chromium system, was created by a team led by Opera Software cofounder  Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. In april 2016., first version was released and it was quite impressive. Among other things, I have not seen this level of customization on a any other browser like in Vivaldi. From tabs position and design, adress bar position, themes and many more features and options, Vivaldi gives you possiblity to change and arrange everything as you like, almost infinitely.


One really interesting feature in Vivaldi is its ability to stack tabs on top of one another. With this, you can stack tabs simply by clicking on them and moving/dragging them on top of another tab. This will essentially put them all in one tab folder and you can see every tab you have stacked just by hovering your mouse over it.This is a very useful feature to have if you prefer to have your tabs loaded on the side of the page instead of on top and it will clear up a lot of space that would have otherwise been filled up in your tabs bar. Removing tabs from the stack is as simple as right clicking on it and clicking the “Remove from Tab Stack” option.


Downsides to Vivaldi? Well, that are minor performance things that, are been solved with every new update release. It’s nothing major, but once I got large number of tabs open at once, I did notice that pages seemed to load a little more slowly than they normally do on Opera. But as I said, It’s not a big deal and it will be solved completely, for sure.

Nonetheless, Vivaldi is a terrific browser that I’m sure will only get better with time. I strongly recommend you to try it out.

Vivaldi official website:

Other reviewers about Vivaldi:

Vivaldi is a promising web browser for Internet users who want options when it comes to using a browser.

PC Mag, 3.5/5

Vivaldi is a superb browser for power users. However, it may take time to get your head around, and you may never use all of its features. Chrome and Firefox start off as quick, blank canvasses and perform all the better for it. So while I’ll continue to use Vivaldi at work, for home use I’ll be sticking to the simplicity of Chrome.

TrustedReviews, 8/10


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