Microsoft OneDrive- good, bad or average?

OneDrive has gone through many changes and names over the last few years. The service has been known as SkyDrive, FolderShare and Live Mesh. Today, known as OneDrive, it become well known because of its usablity, reliability, and a rich feature set. Despite some storage capacity downgrade in last years, Microsoft’s cloud storage system continues to improve. OneDrive includes attractive Web and mobile interfaces, music streaming, shared desktop-folder syncing and full-document search option in shared files.It is greatly integrated with Office 365 pack, so if you use it, OneDrive is great feature that I personally recommend.

Microsoft’s online backup and syncing service is very flexible tool and cross-platform capable, with syncing and access apps for PC, Mac, Android, iOS devices, and Windows-based smartphones. Like Apple iCloud or Google Drive, OneDrive has lot of interesting and useful functions. If you just want access yur documents or media files, it offers simple online storage, accessible from the Web, without any application needed, just using your web browser. If you want the same set of files replicated on multiple PCs, it provides folder syncing.

OneDrive is very flexible and cross-platform capable cloud service

OneDrive is very flexible and cross-platform capable cloud service


Because of this diversity of function, there are several different cross-sections from which you can view the service—by type of data, clients or function. The data types include documents, photos, music, video or settings.

To use OneDrive, you need to create Microsoft account. Free users get 5 GB free storage space, but if you’re a longtime OneDrive account holder (since April 2012, or earlier), you get an extra 10 GB free. For comparation, iCloud gives you 5 GB, Dropbox 2GB and Google Drive 15GB . Office 365 users get an extra 1 TB for their $6.99 monthly subscription.

OneDrive- 5 GB free, 1 TB for 7 Eur per month

iCloud- 5 GB free, 1 TB for 9,99 Eur per month

DropBox- 2 GB free, 1 TB for 8 Eur per month

Google Drive- 15 GB free, 1 TB for 9 Eur per month

The desktop client for OneDrive syncing run on 32 or 64 bit version of Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, or Windows Vista with Service Pack 2. For Mac users, Mac OS X 10.9 or later is required. It is simple to install, with a setup wizard that lets you create an account if you don’t already have one. It then shows how your OneDrive folder will appear in Windows Explorer (or Finder), with its little blue cloud icon. Setup also places a cloud icon in your system tray, from which you can open your synced folder or adjust settings.

OneDrive shortcuts in WIndows 10, in My Computer screen

When you place a photo, document, or other item in the created OneDrive folder, it automatically appears in any of your other OneDrive clients on your other computers. You can even share a whole folder.

Great OneDrive option for mobile users is the collection of Office Mobile apps—Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, and OneNote. These are available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 (both desktop and mobile), and on the Web. The Web version of OneDrive offers a big dropdown menu of tiles for all these online apps. Documents you create in these are be automatically synced to all your OneDrive access points.


OneDrive is integrated with Office 365 service

Microsoft’s cloud solution has come nicely with OneDrive, combining file syncing with online backup, and cloud storage. Cross-platform support is great option for this kind of service, which can make things easier and more accesible. With all of its options, like sharing any file from a PC you’ve set up, and with integration with Office, folder syncing and multitude of platform options (including mobile devices), Microsoft OneDrive remains as my top cloud storage and syncing service, for personal usage, but also for business (College).

Microsoft OneDrive: official website


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