Photo Ideas in my head…

So, after long pause in my photo-hobby, more than 2 months after last bigger photo shooting in my local town, I finally decided to start again. With some fresh ideas, and also some old but unfinished, in this week I hope that I will make some new interesting shots around city of Rijeka. This city … Continue reading Photo Ideas in my head…


Nokia 3310 is back

Nokia's 3310 phone has been relaunched nearly 17 years after its first debut.Today, at the Mobile World Congress tech show in Barcelona, Finnish start-up HMD Global, unveiled several Nokia-branded Android smartphones, one of them was new version, a younger brother of well known Nokia 3310 phone. As it had been said, the new 3310 qualifies … Continue reading Nokia 3310 is back

Microsoft OneDrive- good, bad or average?

OneDrive has gone through many changes and names over the last few years. The service has been known as SkyDrive, FolderShare and Live Mesh. Today, known as OneDrive, it become well known because of its usablity, reliability, and a rich feature set. Despite some storage capacity downgrade in last years, Microsoft's cloud storage system continues to improve. … Continue reading Microsoft OneDrive- good, bad or average?